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  • Owners Manuals

    If you have lost your owners manual or just want to read one before purchasing, you can download direct from our owners manual downloads here

    Once downloaded you can view on your PC and print hard copy if required.

    You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view manuals, If you don't have this you can download it free here Adobe Reader

     If a manual is not listed here, please call us on 01452 733933 or email us via our contact us page and we will send you one.

  • How do I obtain an R-Tech Brochure

    You can download our last Printable R-Tech Welding Equipment Brochure for viewing on your PC

    You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view brochure, If you don't have this you can download it free here - Adobe Reader

    Or you can contact us via our Contact us page and supply your name, address and contact number and we will promptly send you one in the post. 

    Or just simply give us a call!

  • How long have R-Tech been established?

    R-Tech have been in the welding equipment industry for over 25 years, firstly providing a welding equipment repair service including warranty repairs for most major manufacturers and manufacturing custom welding machines for bespoke applications. 

    R-Tech Welding Equipment became a Ltd Company in 2007, we were previously known as Industrial Plant Repairs (I.P.R) and RJW Industrial Repairs. 

    We have used our experience & knowledge as welding equipment repairers for distributors and manufacturers to provide you with welding equipment designed for welders.

  • Why should I buy R-Tech ?

    R-Tech provide you with high quality Welding Equipment with easy useable features, at exceptional value with un-rivalled direct customer support. 

    All our machines are robustly built using the latest ultra reliable IGBT inverter power components sourced from Siemens in Germany & USA.

    We give a 3 year collect and return warranty on all our R-Tech machines, a true no quibble warranty.

    Fast turnaround of warranty and non-warranty repairs.

    10 year duty of care on spare parts - We keep a large stock of spares in our Gloucester premises.

    We build our machines in a modular basis which ensures any future repair bills are kept to a minimum, unlike some manufacturers who build the internals of thier machines on just one or two P.C.B's we ensure ours are designed to have internal components easily replaced ensuring cost effective repairs.

  • How long will it take to get my machine?

    All orders for R-Tech welding equipment received by 3PM will normally be despatched the same day for next day delivery to the UK mainland, UK Isles may take 48hrs. 

    Once your order has been placed, will will email you an order confirmation, then a despatch confirmation with tracking number so you can track your order.

    Simply order on-line or by phone on 01452 733933.

    If you require any advice on which welding machine will best suit your requirements, please give us a call and one of our friendly sales/technical team will answer your questions.

  • How does R-Tech achieve such good value for money?

    R-Tech sell direct to you so no need for "middle men". This also gives you direct fast and free support.

    Utilising the internet and telephone sales we negate the need for costly 'on the road salesmen'. 

    This enables R-Tech to keep the end user price very competitive and free from middleman commision.

  • What is included with your welding equipment packages?

    We supply our 
    Tig Welder packages with 

    4M Torch, Earth lead, MMA lead, Mains Cable, Gas hose & Gas regulator, Owners Manual
    We even supply a selection of Torch spares (Ceramics, Collet & body and 1.6 & 2.4mm Steel & Alloy Tungsten's).
    All you need is a mains supply, filler rods, suitable welding mask, gloves and a bottle of pure argon and you're welding. 

    We supply our Mig Welder packages with 

    3 or 4 metre Torch, Earth lead, Mains Cable, Gas hose & Gas regulator, Owners Manual, All you need is a mains supply, suitable mig wire, welding mask, gloves and a bottle of shielding gas and you're welding. 

    We supply our 
    Plasma Cutter packages with 

    4.5M or 6M Plasma Cutting Cutting Torch, Earth lead, Mains Cable, Air pressure regulator with watertrap and PCL fitting, Owners manual. All you need is mains supply, suitable goggles, gloves and a supply of compressed air and you're plasma cutting. 

    We supply our 
    MMA Stick Welder packages with 

    MMA Lead, Earth Lead, Mains Cable, Owners Manual. All you need is mains supply, suitable welding mask, gloves and electrodes and you're welding.

  • How are R-Tech welding machines built?

    As with all major manufacturers of welding equipment, the R-Tech range uses components originating from several countries. 

    The main part of our inverter range utilise 'Eupec (Infineon)' IGBT & power modules produced by American and German companies providing very high duty cycles with great reliability. With other components sourced from the Europe (internals) and the Far East (chassis and case components) from tried and tested high quality sources. 

    All final quality testing is carried out at our premises in Gloucester, UK.

  • How do R-tech achieve such high duty cycles

    At R-Tech we believe in building machines to last, with minimum down time to our customers, so we fit the most reliable power modules and IGBT's available coupled with oversized heatsinks. Therefore our machines are able to work harder for longer! 

    We also quote our duty cycles at machines maximum amperage unlike some manufacturers who sneakily quote duty cycles NOT at maximum amperage which can be quite misleading! 


    Competitors 200Amp Tig Welder with 60% duty cycle @140Amps.. So what is the duty cycle @ 200Amps?? 

    R-Tech Tig201 - 200Amps at 60% duty cycle - maximum output 200Amps!

  • What do I do if I need help setting up my machine?

    Simply call us and speak to one of our R-Tech experienced technicians on 01452 733933 who can help you with any aspect of your welding equipment from installation to final setup. 

    We also have many how to weld videos available below.





  • What does the R-Tech warranty offer?

    Our R-Tech 3 year collect and return warranty offers the follwing.

    Once we have confirmed you have a fault with machine, we will do the following.|

          • Arrange collection via next working day UK courier (48hr offshore)
          • Quickly repair the machine at our Technical and R&D centre in Gloucester
          • Deliver back via next working day UK courier (48hr offshore)
          • All costs covered by R-Tech - Yes, Collection, repair and delivery!

    No questions, no hassle, just honest and reliable service - A true no quibble warranty

    R-Tech 3 year warranty logo

  • What is an Inverter Welder and what are the benefits?

    Inverter welders use new silicon based technology to produce their welding power compared to older style welders that use heavy copper/aluminium transformers and rectifiers. 

    • Inverters use much smaller transformers, so they are a lot smaller, lighter and more portable.


    • Inverters use a lot less input power to get the same output power than the older transformer type machines, so they consume a lot less electricity and therefore are greener to run.


    • Because Inverters output power is controlled electronically, you have infinite power adjustment from 0 - 100% so you can really fine tune these to you needs. On MIG welders sometimes setting 2 is not enough power, but setting 3 is too much. You won't get this problem with infinite power control.

    Aren't inverter welders unrealiable?

    • No. When inverter welders first came out many years ago, like any new technology they did have their problems. Nowadays inverter technology is very reliable, cost effective and has many benefits over traditional welders.

      At R-Tech we use ultra-reliable Eupec Infineon IGBT Power Modules and power produced by American/German companies which are ultra reliable and allow us produce high duty cycle welding equipment. To learn more about our power modules and to read more about why we use them please see the information page on Inverter Welders

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