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Tig Welding - How to Tig Weld | R-Tech


  • I want to do some TIG Welding. Do I need a DC or AC/DC TIG welder?

    There are two types of TIG welding prcoesses available.

    DC is used to weld mild steel, stainless steel, copper & brass, inconel and titanium etc.

    AC is used to weld Aluminium and other alloys.

    You can buy either a DC TIG Welder or an AC/DC TIG Welder

    You will need to use 100% Pure Argon for shielding gas.

    See our range of TIG Welders

  • What are benefits of AC Frequency Control on your AC-DC Tig Welders?

    AC Frequency Control is only found on advanced Inverter Tig Welders, on traditional tig welders the frequency is fixed at 60Hz 

    On our AC/DC Tig Welders you can adjust this up to 250Hz, this reduces the width of arc from the tungsten tip producing pinpoint accuracy of weld pool, less heat deformation and faster travel speed. 

    If you have never tig welded before, being able to adjust the AC Frequency makes welding easier for the beginner.


    Welding Equipment
        120hz _________________60hz

  • What are the benefits of a water cooled tig welder

    A water cooled tig welder has 2 main benefits 

    1: It allows you to use a lightweight torch at high amperages especailly suited for production tig welding. You can tig weld with an air cooled torch at high amperages but the torches are quite bulky and heavy for the operator. 

    2: An air cooled tig torch can get quite hot and become uncomfortable for the operator, a water cooled torch runs a lot cooler therefore is much more comfortable for the operator. 

    A water cooled tig welding system comprises of the tig welder power source and a separate water cooler unit which gets its power direct from auxillary power socket on rear of Tig Welder. So when you turn on the tig welder the water cooler comes on automatically. This stops nuisance torch burn outs when the water cooler is powered from a separate 13A plug and the user forgets to turn it on with the tig welder. 

    There are many different tig torches to suit different applications, if you unsure what torch/system you require please give us a call on 01452 733933 and we can advise you what is best for you job.

    We also have a customers video "how to setup a water cooler and water cooled tig torch"

  • I need to TIG weld aluminium but I need some help choosing right machine / process.

    If you wish to weld aluminium, at R-Tech we have many machines which will do this for you.

    You will need an either an AC/DC TIG welder or one our Inverter MIG welders fitted with a spool on gun to weld aluminium.

    AC/DC TIg welders are best suited to weldining aluminium and this process uses the AC function (DC is for welding steels only).
    The weld material (FIller rod) is insterted by hand into the weld pool so is a two handed operation and requires some pratice.
    In addition you will also need a white tipped tungsten (Zirconiated) for the end of the torch and a suitable aluminium TIG filler rod.

    We have a range of How to TIG weld videos here which will show you how to setup machine and carry out the weld. This covers Digital and Analogue TIG welders, and 4 welding processes of Lap Weld, Butt Weld, Fillet Weld and Outside Corner weld - If you are new to TIG welding they will be a great help to you.

    Inverter MIG welders fitted with a spool on gun are another way of welding aluminium, the wire is very soft so on a spool gun the wire reel is very close to the rollers so stops the annoying wire breaks / snarls you can get when using a standard 3M MIG torch. This is more suited to gneral welding jobs as the finsihed weld is not as pretty as TIG welding. You will require 100% pure argon gas, normal steel welding gas can't be used.

    We have a range of how to aluminium MIG weld with a spool gun videos

    Aluminium and its alloys conduct heat more quickly than steels and therefore have different properties when TIG welding. We have a page dedicated to the characteristics of aluminium and you can read more by visiting the Aluminium Welding Information page. 

  • How do I assemble my TIG torch?

    Arranging the component parts of your TIG torch is straightforward. The diagram below will show the correct order of assembly to enable the torch to be set up correctly.

    The torch consists of a number of elements. The tungsten electrode needs to be secured in the torch. This is inserted into the main body and secured by a screw type back cap.

    At the front of the torch a small white heat shiled fits over the front of the torch body. Over the tungsten a collet must be fitted followed by a collet body that screws into the main body of the torch. The final part to be assembled is the ceramic which also screws into the body of the torch head.